Andie was raised in Tucson, Arizona and studied at Northern Arizona University and the American University in Bulgaria. After working as a white-water raft guide in Montana and crewing on river trips through the Grand Canyon, Andie sought out a profession where she could put her outdoor skills to use in a way that could provide more than short lived adventures. In 2011, she found that working with adolescents as a Field Instructor for Second Nature.

In 2013 Andie transitioned from the field to the office where she currently serves as Academic Director. During her time as a field instructor, Andie developed a passion for helping students rediscover confidence and success in their academic abilities.

Working with teachers certified by the Utah State Office of Education, Andie helped to develop a one of a kind academic program in which the wilderness is the classroom, and led Second Nature to achieve nationally recognized accreditation as a Private School.

Since her first day, Andie’s dedication to Second Nature has stemmed from her admiration and respect for the students. Her greatest joy is seeing their confidence and self esteem return as they begin to realize how smart, capable, and worthy they are.

Andie is assisted by her pint-sized and enormously popular Schnauzer, Jubilee.