Clients With Whom
Chelsea Works Well

Chelsea supports adolescents and families to create a greater awareness of the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that comprise their experience; build upon strengths, and foster resilience and community. Chelsea treats adolescents who experience anxiety, perfectionism, mood dysregulation, unhealthy conflict and patterns of attachment, and poor communication skills. Collaborative in her approach to healing, growth, and dismantling cycles of shame, Chelsea has experience specifically supporting clients who have obsessive-compulsive disorder or an autism spectrum diagnosis. She frequently focuses clinically on healthy communication and conflict resolution, effective navigation of anxiety, and the development of a stronger sense of agency, identity, and meaning.

Education &
Prior Work Experience

Chelsea earned her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Denver and her B.A. in Psychology from Colorado College. She has spent the majority of her professional career working as a clinician, advocate, experiential educator, mentor, and case manager for youth and young adults in urban, backcountry, outpatient, educational, and court-mandated residential settings domestically and abroad. Chelsea has worked extensively with people who experience cognitive and emotional disabilities and worked as a field instructor with students at Second Nature for two years. These experiences equip her with the insight, programmatic knowledge, risk management skills, interpersonal awareness, and humility necessary to teach and work effectively in her role as a primary therapist and clinical team member at Second Nature.


Authenticity, humor, and non-judgment are values Chelsea commits to integrating into her practice. She approaches topics with curiosity and compassion and helps people connect with choice and creativity in shaping their stories. Chelsea employs cognitive behavioral therapy and systems theory as primary therapeutic modalities with a focus on communication, resilience, and strengths-based supports. She is not afraid to ask questions and believes in the healing power of teamwork with families, the clinical team, and Second Nature as a whole.


Chelsea is passionate about inclusivity and mutual aid specifically as it relates to community, belonging, and identity. Equity, access, and meaning-making surrounding disability and engagement in outdoor, social, and professional spaces are interests of Chelsea’s as well. Chelsea enjoys writing, reading, playing piano, spending time with friends and family, skiing, running, adventuring/traveling, Spanish, and art. She plans to earn her scuba certification this year and to continue to integrate wilderness skills and metaphors, such as bow-drilling, into her treatment approach with students.