Clients With Whom
Coady Works Well

Given Coady’s range and depth of clinical experience, she is adept in working with clients who struggle with complex diagnostic presentations. Her years of conducting psychological evaluations have allowed her to develop sound assessment skills. She works well with those adolescents who internalize their emotional pain as opposed to those who “act out” their emotional distress/unrest.

Education &
Prior Work Experience

Coady has twenty six years of experience in working with adolescents and their families and has done so in a range of therapeutic settings which have included inpatient psychiatric units, community mental health clinics, a university counseling center, a therapeutic boarding school, private practice, and a wilderness program (which is her favorite setting by far). Over the course of her career, Coady has worked with adolescents who struggle with the residual impact of sexual trauma, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, psychosis, spectrum disorders, as well as substance abuse/dependence.


Coady’s strength lies in her capacity to engage with resistant, well-defended, and emotionally overwhelmed adolescents. She uses a combination of humor, patience, and empathy to establish a connection with each student. While rapport and developing a working alliance are paramount features in her work, Coady is stealth like in her ability to push her students to both acknowledge and understand their core issues.


Originally from the east coast, Coady moved to Park City in 1993 for the skiing and for the sun. Some of her passions include telemark skiing and trail running. Her most important passion is her son, Ketch. He continuously keeps her humble by reminding her that just because she is a parent does not mean that she knows all of the answers nor even understands the questions.