Clients With Whom
Jared Works Well

Jared has been working in the outdoor behavioral health field for over 10 years. Jared first honed his skills, working as a Field Instructor, where he he further cultivated his appreciation for the power of wilderness therapy as a vehicle for lasting change. Jared enjoys utilizing the wilderness as the canvas to inspire capability and empowerment from the adolescent boys with whom he works.

Education &
Prior Work Experience

Jared volunteers with Special Education students in a local high school, assisting in a community integration program. He is passionate about service learning and has been focused on bringing volunteer opportunities to the students of Second Nature through various outreach and charity programs. Jared recognizes the value of volunteering and how selfless acts can assist our students in developing connection to the greater world and to themselves. He has experience with a multitude of outreach programs, one in particular, which bridges the gap between adolescents and the geriatric population. He has also introduced charitable opportunities for students to help disabled children abroad.


Jared believes that it is important to challenge the antiquated definition of "manhood" and to work with his students to find strength in humility and service. Through these discussions, young men will be able to re-define how they choose to go about earning respect and love as well as re-defining manhood and how to apply these principles to their relationships. Without wilderness as a backdrop, these discussions can be muddled or lost.


Originally from New York, Jared has found a home in the Beehive State. He spends his free time with his family, fishing or with their many animals.