Clients With Whom
Jared Works Well

Jared works with adolescent boys struggling with deeply rooted feelings of inadequacy, lack of healthy identity, opposition, avoidant behaviors such as substance abuse, and complex parent-child relational issues. These presenting behaviors stem from high levels of insecurity and depression, often co-occurring alongside substance use, screen addiction, and academic underachievement. The boys in this avoidant group often have low emotional intelligence and struggle to identify the issues causing shut downs, episodic anger outbursts, and family withdrawal. This population usually struggles to communicate wants and needs in a constructive, healthy manner, often causing negative social repercussions. 

Education &
Prior Work Experience

In 2005, Jared found his way to Second Nature where he served in various roles including field instructor, transition coordinator, workshop director and eventually assistant therapist. After discovering his innate ability to build rapport and positively influence the boys with whom he worked, Jared decided to pursue higher education as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. While completing his graduate degree, Jared worked alongside his longtime mentor and the founder of Second Nature, Devan Glissmeyer. Jared’s ability to work with complex and fractured family systems as well as his 14 years of wilderness experience set Jared up to engage with families and their sons effectively.


Jared was born and raised in upstate New York. After completing his Bachelor’s degree Jared pursued non-profit work with individuals with disabilities both locally and abroad. Jared’s service took him all over the world exposing him to different life styles, circumstances and perspectives. Serving others laid the groundwork for Jared’s empathetic, insightful and patient therapeutic approach. His ability to help adolescent boys develop an awareness and appreciation of the broader world outside of themselves has become a passion. Incorporating service into each Cognitive Behavioral Therapy session allows Jared’s boys to develop healthy and reciprocal social/relationship skills, confidence in any social environment, and a strong sense of self.    


Jared is the father of two sons and enjoys spending time with his family outdoors. He likes to think of himself as a competent fly-fisherman but mostly finds peace being in nature.  He has his hands full with his small homestead and beekeeping, but feels grateful for his busy reality.