Clients With Whom
Natalie Works Well

Natalie joins the Clinical team at Second Nature, after three years working as a field instructor. Having worked in every Second Nature group, Natalie connects well with clients of all ages and across the gender spectrum. She enjoys helping clients build skills to navigate emotional regulation, interpersonal relationships, and self-care, and is committed to meeting clients where they are at on their treatment journey.

Education &
Prior Work Experience

Natalie earned a Bachelor of Science in Human and Organizational Development and Anthropology from Vanderbilt University. When approaching group dynamics and understanding clients within their family systems, her approach is grounded in tools from the discipline of anthropology. Natalie will begin pursuing an MSW degree in fall 2022 at the University of Utah and continue working towards becoming a therapist.


Natalie excels at building genuine rapport with clients through humor, curiosity, and navigating wilderness life alongside them. She focuses on drawing connections between behaviors and relationships that occur in wilderness and at home. She brings creativity and ceremony into field life and therapeutic interventions.


Professionally, Natalie is interested in empowering adolescents to step outside of traditional gender roles and examine how they impact their lives. Natalie loves music, skiing, rollerblading, reading, hiking, tennis, and art. She is passionate about making others laugh and pursuing the things in life that challenge her.