Torrie joined the Second Nature team in 2018. Although Torrie’s entrance into the world of wilderness therapy is recent, her love and passion for people and nature is deeply rooted. Growing up in rural Minnesota, Torrie spent much of her life raising horses and livestock and tending to her family’s farm.  This is where she experienced the powerful lessons taught through nature immersion and developed a respect and compassion towards all living things. Nature also taught her patience and an understanding that everything in our world serves a purpose. Torrie’s time spent in nature aided in shifting her perspective beyond herself and towards being a part of a world much bigger than her own life experience. This broader world perspective motivated Torrie to spend much of her time volunteering for a variety of causes, both in her home state and here in Utah, focusing on the homeless population and those struggling with mental health issues.

Torrie loves connecting with people from all life circumstances and has found human connection to be some of the most rewarding experiences in her volunteering.  Simplicity and kindness are her guiding values, which shows in her volunteer and education choices.  She is currently working on a degree in Social Work.  

When Torrie isn’t working or furthering her education, you will find her in her garden, on the back of her motorcycle riding cross-country with her partner, or hiking up a canyon with her dogs, Ziggy and Adie.  Regardless of what she is doing, her deep yearning for knowledge results in her always having a dog-eared book along, just in case.