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Therapy in Nature

The Second Nature main office is based in the city of Duchesne Utah, approximately 80 miles Southeast of Park City, Utah. As the seasons and weather change, our students and staff migrate between the lodgepole pine and quaking aspen of the High Uintas, and the Juniper trees and ancient cliff art of the Uinta Basin

The city of Duchesne is perfectly poised between our field areas, to allow our teams to visit each group daily delivering their food, water, and anything else they might need.

Winter field area:

In the winter months, our groups head to the milder climate and lower elevations of the Uinta Basin. The Uinta Basin is the most northerly section of the Colorado Plateau sections with elevations ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 ft. above sea level in our camping areas. Seas of sagebrush and ancient junipers adorn this high desert landscape. Day hikes into nearby Nine Mile Canyon allow us to experience some of the most spectacular rock art in Utah. Called "the world's longest art gallery" it is home to tens of thousands of petroglyphs and pictographs, some over a thousand years old, including the famous "Hunter Panel”.

Summer Field area:

As temperatures rise in the Uinta Basin, we venture north into the High Uinta Mountains and trade plateaus for pines. With elevations ranging from 8,000 to 10,250 ft above sea level, in this unique alpine ecosystem, we explore thick forests of Engelmann spruce and lodgepole pine that open up into park-like meadows that are just perfect for camping. Cold clear springs lead us into the lower elevations of this area, where we camp among dense groves of aspen trees.

In all of the areas we explore, we follow minimal impact camping principles in order to reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to ensuring that the areas we visit remain pristine for fellow outdoors people and future generations.

Second Nature

Serving Ages:Adolescents 13-17
Mailing Address:382 West Main Street
P.O. Box 318
Duchesne, UT 84021
Admissions:(877) 701-7600