Having worked in clinical nature-based programs for years, our dedicated Parent Coaches are uniquely positioned to provide parents with an additional layer of support and guidance through what we know can be an overwhelming and emotional time.

Our certified and credentialed Parent Coaches:

  • Allow parents an opportunity to process what they are learning from their child’s therapist
  • Provide opportunities to explore parenting patterns and determine what shifts they would like to make in their relationship with their child
  • Teach new and effective communication skills that parallel and complement what the students are learning in the field
  • Build upon existing parenting strengths
  • Process what parents are learning through the recommended reading and audio casts, and explore new parenting approaches
  • Fully explore the results of Second Nature’s unique Family Dynamics Assessment report to better understand the family dynamics and patterns, and determine areas of focus
  • Support parents in applying new skills that promote trust and connection
  • Help parents with planning for transition and aftercare
  • Help parents prepare for phone calls and visits with their child
  • Facilitate our dynamic Parent Workshops

This additional support from Parent Coaches who intimately understand outdoor therapy is invaluable to our families.