The parent - child connection and the integrity of the family system are vital parts of the work we do at Second Nature. We believe that parents deserve to be supported, listened to, and educated throughout their child’s wilderness experience. And the data is clear, when parents receive support and guidance, the child is more engaged in his or her work, so that the whole family system may progress in a healthy direction.

At Second Nature we believe that respectfully addressing the family dynamics and improving communication between parents and children throughout the entire process is paramount. Second Nature was built on family systems principles, and our clinicians work to enhance the family therapy experience.

Second Nature Offers Parents:

  • Parent Curriculum Packet  (for parents)
  • Weekly written correspondence between parent and child
  • 1-hour, weekly update calls with the child’s therapist
  • Field visits / Transition visit (includes family therapy sessions)
  • Alumni Parent Mentors (for newly enrolled families)
  • Pre visit, Wednesday Morning Parent Prep Meeting (occurring the morning of the field visit)
  • Parent Workshop every other month (offered in Salt Lake City, Utah)