Parents often choose Second Nature because they feel like they have lost, or are losing, their child. They want nothing more than to connect with their child again and see them build healthy confidence. Since 1998 Second Nature has been reconnecting families, helping them heal, and bringing them home, emotionally. Second Nature understands the urgency of you reconnecting with your child. Reconnection is one of our primary goals and constant treatment outcomes. 

We also immerse parents in a change process that is key to family reconnection. This program includes professional parent coaching, an empirical family assessment, a curriculum for parents that parallels your child’s work, monthly workshops, family therapy field intensives, and more. We understand that preparing your child for a more functional adulthood is also deeply connected to repairing your family. The empirical benefits of family therapy with adolescents are proven (Henggeler et al., 1986; Liddle and Dakof, 1995; Stanton and Shadish, 1997; Carr, 2009).  Second Nature accesses 21 years of expertise to bring these principles home.

The connection between you and your child, and the integrity of the family system, are vital parts of the work we do at Second Nature. We believe that you deserve to be supported, heard, and educated throughout your child’s wilderness experience. The data is clear, when parents receive support and guidance, their children are more engaged.  This engagement moves the whole family system in a healthier direction. Second Nature was built on family systems principles, and our clinicians work to enhance the family therapy experience. We believe that family connection is not only a treatment goal, it is also one of the primary vehicles of growth.

Second Nature Offers Parents:

  • Professional Parent coaching for all families
  • Enhanced Family Therapy that includes DBT principles and an emphasis on mindfulness
  • Family Dynamics Assessment (providing deeper insight and understanding of the family system)
  • Streamlined access to uncensored written correspondence between child and parent
  • Family therapy conference calls
  • Family Field Intensives (mid-program and reunion/ aftercare preparation)
  • The Family Portal (curriculum and resources dedicated to family education and current updates of your child in the field)
  • Alumni parent references for prospective families
  • Monthly Parent workshops (offered online)