Individual Sessions

The therapist conducts a formal individual session each week (1-2 hours), with each student. Family letters (to and from home), the staff report for the week, historical issues, and in-the-moment issues are discussed. The therapist usually invites the Field Instructor assigned to supervise the child for the week into the session. The therapist updates the student’s treatment plan with written notes, assignments, and themes for the following week.

Milan Group

The name (Milan) of this form of group therapy was derived from a therapeutic school in Italy renowned for its effective intervention techniques, including one where clients listened behind a one-way mirror as the therapists discussed their case. At Second Nature, Milan Group includes staff both entering and leaving the field at the culmination of the week for a full exchange of information about the student. Feedback and narratives for each of the students are presented with students listening. Student participation varies as appropriate.

Standing Groups

A Standing Group is a spontaneous group called by any student, therapist, or Field Instructor. This is usually a short (while everyone is standing in a circle) exchange where emotions are appropriately expressed and peers practice reflecting another's perspective without judgment.  Here, interpersonal problem-solving skills are developed.