At Second Nature, transition planning begins “on day one”-- meaning that our clinical team will work closely with you, your Educational Consultant, and at-home professionals early in the process to begin exploring your child’s specific needs upon completion of his/her Second Nature journey. As students mature and reconnect with their family, transition planning becomes an important stepping stone towards adulthood or preparations for it. Therapists communicate this process to parents on the weekly calls, using the student’s functioning and progress in the group as an assessment tool to determine which type of aftercare placement is in the best interest of the student. While it often takes time to formulate specific recommendations, it is important to explore potential outcomes and provide families with the tools they need to make an informed decision regarding their options following Second Nature. Just as there is no “one size fits all” approach to treatment interventions, there are a variety of options available to parents that will continue to support the progress their child has made during his/her time in the field. In operation since 1998, Second Nature is unparalleled in our experience with the transition process and the factors which predict successful outcomes following nature-baesd therapy. 

Your child’s therapist will provide honest, expert advice on the benefits and risks of the different types of options available to you. Regardless of the option you choose, your therapist will guide you through the process of ensuring that your child has the best chance of success as he or she transitions to the next step. Our parent coaches can also assist in providing additional support to prepare for transition and can continue to provide coaching after the transition has occurred.

Transition Work with the Student

Once a family has determined the next step, the child’s Primary Therapist will work to prepare him or her for transition; proactively preparing for the challenges he or she may encounter. This includes a variety of tasks and assignments geared toward helping students internalize gains they have made at Second Nature, and strategies for applying those skills in their next setting. There is also an increased focus on family therapy so that the student feels prepared for reconnection with their parents upon completing Second Nature.

Discharge Planning

No matter which aftercare option is chosen, families can feel confident that their child has received the best clinical treatment possible to help them continue their growth. Second Nature consistently receives feedback from next-step programs, aftercare settings and therapists that the students they work with who come out of Second Nature are among the most insightful, motivated, and invested clients that they serve. Upon completion of the program, your Second Nature therapist will contact the future therapist to provide a verbal summary of the progress and treatment approach that was most successful, and will be available for future consultation as needed. A formal discharge summary is also provided, outlining the student’s progress and specific treatment recommendations.