Extremely helpful in realizing my problems and working through them. I feel so excited to practice these life skills because I am more confident and I just value myself more now. In other words, it was empowering and enlightening. I am now on the road to success.


Alumni Student, New York

In my opinion, Second Nature sets the standard for clinical outdoor therapy. They offer an exceptional clinical program for both students and parents. I trust Second Nature's clinical expertise. The therapists are exceptional.

Educational Consultant


Coady understood Makenzi's needs and uncovered the challenges she has struggled with right out of the gate - which was impressive. Very positive - have seen a tremendous amount of growth in Makenzi.


Alumni Parent

Our primary contact was with therapist Dr. Steve Dubois with whom we couldn't be happier. Everyone else was terrific as well. Transport/logistics, Nurse Jeanne: everyone was responsive and kind. Matty [field instructor] was terrific on our day in the field as was Jon [Logistics coordinator] coordinating.

Alumni Parent

Second Nature was amazing! I feel like everyone understood my son's needs and focused on exactly what he needed. They made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire time he was there. We are so grateful to everyone at Second Nature.


Alumni Parent

My overall experience with Second Nature was excellent. We believe that Mia now has a really good foundation to build upon when she moves to her next program. The support we received from Coady was outstanding and we would be pleased to provide references to other families.

Mother of Mia

Alumni Parent

My overall experience with Second Nature was incredible! Second Nature took our family from a place of despair to one of tremendous hope. Our son has gained so much maturity and insight during his time here. We are forever grateful to the amazing Bryan Lepinske and all of the field staff for challenging our son to do great work-and for propelling him to a bright future! Thanks for everything!

Alumni Father of Matthew

I'm very grateful my son was part of Second Nature. I can tell Jeremy has changed for the better and I'm beyond grateful for this gift. I'm feeling so overwhelmed with happiness, but I'm sending him to an aftercare, so I'm sad he's not coming home with me. Second Nature is an amazing and wonderful program.


Alumni Parent

Our son was in the Second Nature program for 11 weeks. Before attending the program he had lost sight of all responsibilities, was failing out of high school and had become increasingly defiant, secretive and untrustworthy. Second Nature allowed him - and our family - the time and the ability to reset. There aren't too many times in life that you get this amazing opportunity and it’s one that we will all remember positively in many ways. In the wilderness our son started to gain confidence in areas that he had previously struggled with and he began to understand how his actions affected his family. He became more centered and he adopted "balance" as his mantra. As a family, we learned how to better communicate, how to keep boundaries and how to feel empowered. Second Nature brought us all closer and we are better connected. Our hope for our son is that he doesn't lose sight of how far he has come and how he can continue to grow.

Alumni Parent

Dr. Devan Glissmeyer’s Group

Dr. Steve DeBois was amazing. So professional, best therapist we have ever worked with. His assignments were so poignant every week. So friendly, helpful. insightful. A great experience for the whole family. I was completely thrilled with all the gluten-free items they had for me, kind and generous (transition experience). This was transformative and amazing. We have already given information to another family. This made a huge impact for our son and our whole family.


Alumni Parent

Can't say enough good things about therapist James Healey. It has been a transformative experience for Blake and the whole family. I hope your program is this successful for all of your kids. My experience with Second Nature was moving and powerful. It was very organized and professionally run. Love all the counselors and staff and cannot say enough good things about our therapist. I would give this program 5 stars and recommend it to every teen.


Alumni Parent

Our experience with Second Nature was excellent. Everyone was reassuring, well-informed, and helpful. Our therapist Bryan Lepinske was great for Jake. Terrific customer service, excellent informational resources. I felt Jake was safe and in good, competent hands from the very start. All staff were very responsive to our needs.


Alumni Parent

My overall experience with Second Nature was very positive. We felt that he was receiving the necessary feedback for his behaviors. It was also very reassuring to know he was safe throughout his whole stay.


Alumni Parent

Second Nature offered my son what he needed to transition to a better life. We are Very Happy!


Alumni Parent, Dr. Steve DeBois’ Group

Excellent in every aspect, our therapist - Dr. Steve DeBois was great. I think every young person should be able to experience Second Nature. We had a wonderful experience.

Alumni Parent

Dr. Steve DeBois’ Group

Re: admissions and intake: Very efficient and timely. Everyone we encountered were very friendly and helpful. Our therapist was fantastic and was a huge part of our son’s and our growth. He was extremely insightful. All the staff were very efficient and friendly- always willing to help. Re: our field visit: The staff are amazing. We were well taken care of and had a great experience. Exceeded our expectations on many levels.


Alumni Parent

Regarding academics: This is an important part of the program in my opinion. Our son was able to continue an academic focus while working on his emotional well being. The program is well organized and well staffed. Everyone is professional and committed to the process. Therapist Bryan Lepinski is great at what he does.


Alumni Parent

Second Nature was an invaluable experience for Jennifer. She learned to diffuse her anger, understand who she really is and make better decisions in her life. She feels proud of what she accomplished and she is now, truly prepared for boarding school. We are indeed grateful to our wonderful therapist and to all of the staff at Second Nature. Thank you.


Alumni Parent, Louisiana

At Second Nature I have had a life changing experience. I have learned more about myself and my interactions with others by being here for 9 weeks than I have in my entire lifetime. Second Nature provided me with a safe and supportive environment to grow and begin to trust myself. I am very thankful for having this opportunity and am thankful to all the staff for helping me along the way.


Student, Florida

I wanted to thank you more formally for your work with Alex. Your patience and dedication, and the patience and dedication of the Second Nature staff, paid off with Alex. We know that he still has a long way to go to get to the point where he can cope effectively, manage his feelings, reactions, and thoughts, and be capable of moving through life with resiliency. However, he had made great progress, and a lot of that progress came from his time in the wilderness and the guidance and tools you gave him while he was there. Thank you again, and please convey my gratitude to the staff who worked with Joe as well. I am very, very grateful. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Second Nature, Devan Glissmeyer and Jared Alston. They have pushed and worked with Seth to strive for a healthy lifestyle filled with honesty. Seth is a different child - one with confidence and motivation.


Alumni Parent

My overall experience at Second Nature was great. We were really impressed with Chase's progress and the Therapists (Dr. Devan Glissmeyer and Jared Alston and the entire staff. There was the right balance of ruggedness and safety and every task had a purpose. It was great on so many levels. Everything was so well thought out and the staff were well trained and enthusiastic.


Alumni Parent

This was such a scary, unknown, big step for us. From the very first phone call Shahara was AMAZING and put our minds at ease. We received several phone calls the first few days John was there and that was so helpful. My overall experience at Second Nature was excellent. I can't say enough about this program. My nickname for your staff is 'Angels on earth.' Thank you for working with Michael.


Alumni Parent

Therapist James Healy was terrific, professional, and helped us, as well as Mike, tremendously. He is a calming and peaceful presence. Mike really liked him. We appreciate all the staff at Second Nature. It's so obvious how caring and supportive everyone there is. We enjoyed the parent seminar in Salt Lake City and have been enjoying the Facebook posts. We have been keeping contact with other parents we meet at the seminar and that's been helpful. The webinars are fantastic too; thank you for providing those!


Alumni Parent

My overall experience with Second Nature was very positive. I really feel like Second Nature was the right place for Hudson and that he achieved as much as possible on his anxiety and confidence issues. The therapy calls were really helpful. Dr. Steve DeBois did a great job with us and our son. We also really liked talking one week with Josh, a field instructor, who was with Hudson from the start and could really be insightful about his growth.

Father of Hudson

Alumni Parent

Everything was handled in a caring, professional manner. My son has been in therapy since he was 10 years old and James Healey was by far the best therapist he's ever had and above and beyond my expectations. James is the first therapist to really connect with our son and to get him to talk about his feelings. He was great support for me too and I have learned so much in this process. I appreciate the books he gave to our son to read and was able to get through to him on his core issues surrounding abandonment. James has a very caring and calming manner which I really appreciate.


Alumni Parent

I am so grateful that my son had the opportunity to be part of this program. I truly think it saved his life. I found it very helpful for me too and the support I received along with the educational webinars and materials has been a huge help for me and our family. I am happy to say that my son and I are on the road to recovery and I feel more hopeful than I have felt in a very long time. I can't say enough about how caring and professional everyone has been through the whole process from admission, day to day program, and transition. The communication was excellent throughout as well.


Alumni Parent

Bryan Lepinske is an extraordinary therapist...and humanizing. I can't say enough about how well this company is run. My experience with Second Nature was better than I could have imagined. Every person I dealt with was professional, kind, compassionate, helpful, and informed.


Alumni Parent

Dr. Coady Schueler was a great resource for me and a great therapist for our daughter. She rocks. The overall experience was excellent. The responsiveness and care shown by all of the people from the transport staff to the therapy team. All were well coordinated and informed. Coady was very responsive to calls and emails. I was impressed by the quality of people I met. The program was very effective for my daughter.


Alumni Parent

We are huge fans of the program and so impressed and amazed with [our son's] transformation. My experience with Second Nature has been fantastic. We could not be happier.


Alumni Parent

Excellent experience! I am grateful for the help my son and I have received. Thank you for everything you have done for us!

Alumni Parent

Dr. Devan Glissmeyer’s Group

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my son and our family. Our therapist and the staff were kind, empathetic, experienced and gave wise counsel (homework and advice). They love and believe in what they are doing and it emanates from them in their behavior and words. I believe the students sense this authenticity and feel safe and trust them. I feel this in my interactions with our therapist and staff. They care about your child and your families well being and health.


Alumni Parent