Nature-based therapy becomes a catalyst for family cohesion and intimacy. Communication facilitated by our program is the first step in reconnecting. Therapeutic communication gives way to healthier understanding and compromise, which ultimately gives way to reconnection. Parents and children report feeling closer to each other during and after our program. Although the journey that led to an out-of-home placement was not anticipated, families express gratitude and joy after the experience, stating regularly that reconnection was one of the most important parts of the processYour familys clinician and parent coach will work closely with referring professionals to guide you through this process.

Each week our therapists have conference calls with parents to discuss their child’s progress, clinical treatment advances, and review the family’s work and provide support. Email and cell phone access to the child’s therapist ensure that questions and struggles are handled in a timely and professional manner. Our therapists communicate with your Educational Consultant or referring professional so they can stay current with your child’s response to treatment, as well as guide your family during this transformative experience.

 Our therapists also communicate with home therapists and future therapists to ensure an effective continuum of care. Letter writing between students and their families facilitates healing. Weekly letters between students and families begin a process of expressing feelings, tending to core beliefs, and seeking to understand each other as well as making healthy commitments. When your clinician has thoroughly assessed your family dynamic, and when appropriate, you will be invited into the field for one of our family intensivesThese occur after family therapy conference calls and represent significant growth and acceptance by your child