Each Second Nature wilderness therapy group is provided fresh food drops two times per week in order to reduce pack weight. Fresh water is also delivered to the groups.

All group meal plans are dietician-approved and include a range of organic, vegetarian and vegan options. Second Nature believes in the philosophy of mind, body and soul for a healthy lifestyle. Easily prepared meals are chosen for outdoor cooking while still providing a healthy variety of foods. Breakfasts include granola, rolled oats, Cream of Wheat, canned and fresh fruit. Lunches include tortillas with cheese, tuna, bacon, tofu, peanut butter, summer sausage, fruit, fresh vegetables and trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips. Dinners include marinara and pesto pasta, vegetable stews, beans and rice, and hamburger/chicken/tofu stir-fries. Fresh fruits and vegetables are brought out several times per week and all water used is fresh and purified. Special diets are also accommodated.

Clinical research shows that participation in physical activity leads to elevated moods, confidence, and holistic wellness. Students participate in daily hikes and backpacking as well as initiatives and work projects. Service projects focusing on wilderness restoration provide physical activity as well as a strong sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction from selfless acts.