Second Nature's holistic approach recognizes that in addition to a healthy diet/exercise, psychological interventions, skill development, and family systems support, some of our students may benefit from psychotropic medication. Typically, some of our students are already taking these medications prior to their enrollment. Second Nature believes that psychotropic medications should be used judiciously, and every attempt is made to take a conservative approach when determining the correct medication regimen.

Continuity of Care

With the consent of parents, Second Nature will coordinate with a home psychiatrist/physician to continue a medication protocol that has proven effective, thus minimizing any potential negative effects due to an abrupt change in medication. Additionally, Second Nature clinicians always consult with home providers to discuss any potential medication changes. For students who need more substantive psychiatric care, Second Nature contracts with one of the most highly regarded providers of psychiatric services in the country, the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI). UNI personnel will provide a psychiatric assessment and ongoing medication management during the student’s stay, coordinating with the therapist and medical staff to ensure safe and effective psychiatric care.

Medication Protocol in the Field

All medications arrive in the field are stored in bubble packs, and are in the supervision of the Field Instructors at all times. Medication is administered as prescribed and scheduled, and documented in the student’s permanent file. Students are not forced to take medication, but Field Instructors notify the Primary Therapist and medical staff immediately if a student is refusing to take his or her medication. Staff note any observed responses and report to medical personnel and the Student’s Primary Therapist, perceived efficacy and/or any negative effects of the medication. Therapists also monitor students’ responses to medications and discuss these issues with the student and family during their weekly sessions.