Psychological, Psychoeducational, and Neuro-psychological testing is available as an optional service for any family who might benefit from this additional layer of assessment. Second Nature collaborates with a number of independent psychologists with a national reputation for the quality and accuracy of their evaluations, so please contact your child’s therapist for assistance in choosing the examiner whose area of expertise best matches the needs of your child.

Psychological testing can be a particularly helpful adjunct to the assessment process at Second Nature for a variety of issues and circumstances, including:

  • Students who have not had a recent evaluation
  • Prior evaluations were done during a time of instability and thus may not accurately reflect the child’s functioning 
  • Analyzing underlying patterns that are not readily apparent through behavioral observation or therapy sessions
  • IQ and cognitive functioning
  • Identifying areas of strength and weakness in school
  • ADHD
  • Learning disabilities
  • Underlying emotional functioning and capacity for distress tolerance
  • Identifying personality patterns and interpersonal style
  • Diagnostic clarification 
  • Developmental disorders (including Autism Spectrum Disorders)

The testing process typically takes place during a 1-2 day period, with additional questionnaires that the student fills out under the guidance of our Field Instructors. Examiners typically meet with the students at the group location so that there is minimal disruption to the therapeutic experience. Your child’s therapist will consult with you and the examiner to review the results of the testing, discuss how to incorporate the results of the evaluation into your child’s treatment plan, and how the results might inform our recommendations for aftercare planning.