Accredited Special Purpose Private School

Academics in Wilderness Therapy

Second Nature is an accredited Special Purpose Private School with curriculum approved for credit by AdvancedEd. Second Nature's delivery of an academic curriculum affords staff the ability to observe and address a student's academic challenges, as these challenges are often intertwined with the student's clinical issues. Study skills, anxious reactions, resistance to work and follow-through, and rebellion to parental and academic authority become themes through the use of the academic curriculum. Each child is provided a curriculum packet, which contains a carefully tailored academic curriculum accredited by AdvancedEd. Biology, English, P.E., and Psychology credits are contextually based on the therapeutic wilderness experience. The lessons are created to continue the child's education and challenge the student to develop skills for academic and classroom success. Second Nature provides the opportunity for students to receive full semesters of academic credits for completed coursework.

Additionally, the delivery of an academic curriculum provides each student a continuing sense of academic progress while participating in wilderness therapy. The therapist will review academic work as an assessment of the dynamics that may have led to or contributed to mental health struggles. Many of the students admitted to Second Nature began demonstrating difficulties in school as a symptom of their struggles; therefore this academic element of the program becomes a critical aspect of treatment. Transcripts and grades for completed credits are provided at the completion of the accredited wildnerness therapy program.



Download an outline of Second Nature's curriculum here: Introduction to Curriculum PDF 

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