David works well with clients who feel powerless and turn to maladaptive behaviors to avoid or remedy that experience. The clients David works with often are manipulative, defiant/ low motivation, and demonstrate poor awareness of self and the impact they have on others. The clients often harbor the belief they can live life on their own terms, both in treatment and in their home environment. These behaviors and beliefs generally stem from negative core beliefs about themselves and cognitive distortions that combine to justify antisocial or self destructive behaviors. Additionally, these behaviors and beliefs have significant impact on their ability to form and maintain healthy relationships with peers, authority figures and particularly with their family. David has worked with clients presenting with these issues while in the program as the therapist for the Walk About intervention, a six day opportunity for clients to reset and gain momentum towards healthy growth while at Second Nature. 


David first joined the Second Nature team in 2007 as a Staff Mentor. After many years in the field and one year working primarily with clients and their families completing the program, he came to believe he could be of service as a clinician. David completed his Masters of Social Work at the University of Denver. David worked for the Jefferson County Public Defenders office in Colorado writing mitigation reports and providing supportive counseling for incarcerated adults. David also spent a year working as a Social Worker at the Colorado Mental Health Institute- Fort Logan serving an adult population with severe and persistent mental illness. David was a clinician at Odyssey House, a residential addiction treatment center before returning to Second Nature. 


David has a very curious disposition. Using processing techniques rooted in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, David assists clients to identify dissonance within their lives and beliefs. David believes and teaches the clients to put into practice the simple concept that with awareness comes choice and with choice comes the power to be who they want to be. David has a strengths based approach which often contributes to helping the client begin to realize a more rounded and healthy identity.