Jennifer was born and raised in Huntington Beach California and has dedicated her life to serving at-risk populations. Jennifer has always been drawn to helping people and has volunteered both locally and internationally educating, working alongside and advocating for others.

Jennifer also has a passion and interest in academia. Early, Jennifer understood the neurological connection between mental health and brain development and has immersed herself in education and research projects studying the brain. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Neuropsychology and hopes to integrate a brain-based approach and method of both advancing and measuring neurological development throughout the treatment process.

When Jennifer is not working she enjoys spending time with her three sons and wonderful husband. “Raising a child with special needs has helped me understand how heart breaking and scary it can be to parent. I understand how desperately we want our children to heal and grow and I know how scary it can be to trust strangers with your chil Jennifer says. This first hand knowledge and experience with a struggling child has given Jennifer empathy, understanding and skills to help other parents going through similar struggles.

Jennifer has worked in the therapeutic industry with adolescents for the last 13 years and has served in many different positions within the treatment world including her most recent position as Admissions Director. Working as an Admissions Director, Jennifer has had the opportunity to develop lasting relationships with education consultants, parents, and students alike. She has been able to help transition students coming out of wilderness programs from all over the US. It is evident to me that Second Nature students are always father ahead therapeutically and developmentally compared with students coming from other wilderness programs. So when Jennifer was invited to join the Second Nature team, for her it was a no brainer.