Mary is deeply dedicated to supporting families in the therapeutic process.  She understands that throughout this process parents face many challenges and difficult decisions.  Mary works with parents to help them find solutions that fit their values and their situation, while also developing strategies for implementing these new ideas.  Mary also supports parents in finding ways to take care of themselves and invest in their own wellness and growth as their child is healing and growing at Second Nature. 

Education &
Prior Work Experience

Mary earned her bachelor’s degree from Prescott College in Adventure Education, with an emphasis in therapeutic use of the wilderness. She earned her master’s degree in Counseling and Human Relations from Northern Arizona University.  Mary is also a Certified Parent Coach with advanced training in addiction, meditation, family systems and executive functioning support.  

 Mary is a long-time veteran in the field of adolescent, young adult and family residential treatment, bringing over 20 years of experience to her work at Second Nature. Mary began her career as the Head Field Instructor for a wilderness program.  She went on to be the Admissions Director and Assistant Head of School for an adolescent residential treatment program before becoming the Executive Director of a transitional-living program for college students in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Most recently Mary served as the Family & Community Services Director for a young adult treatment program.  Mary’s wide range of experience helps her to support parents through all aspects of the treatment and transition process.  


Mary is a dedicated wife and mother, finding her greatest sense of joy and inspiration in her family. Her personal interests include fitness, camping, meditation and travel.  Mary also has deep love for running and competes in local races.  She volunteers for Girls on the Run, an international nonprofit dedicated to inspiring young girls to find joy, confidence and connection through running.