September 22, 2014

A Thank You Letter

Group 8 Alumni Student Print

From a former client in Group 8 at Second Nature…

Today I celebrate my 9th month of sobriety and I can’t help but think back to when it all began…December 5th I arrived in Utah at Second Nature, scared and alone.  Those of you who were there my first week might remember me as frightened and angry, even volatile.  As the weeks went on, I began to find myself and slowly became me.  Me…what could that even be? Me without drugs?  ‘Is that even a thing,’ I thought to myself.  Sure enough it was and still is.  I can’t begin to explain the changes that were happening — the freedom I felt in having my “freedom” stripped from me.  I found comfort in the vulnerability of clients and staff and sure enough their authenticity rubbed off on me.  I found myself exposed.  I stood there anticipating rejection waiting for it but what came instead I will never forget.  I was figuratively embraced.  Embraced as a human being who had struggled and fallen, embraced as someone who wasn’t hopeless or helpless — embraced as me.  I cannot thank Second Nature enough.  You gave me the skills I needed to take back my life and for this I am eternally grateful.