August 24, 2018

Discovering Confidence Around the Campfire

Kristin Adams LCSW
Primary Therapist, Second Nature (Girls Group) Print

"I really let my negative self-talk rule my life!"wilderness programs for troubled teens 

"I am the only one in control of myself."

"Wow! I really can do more than I tell myself I can."

"Being alone is my greatest fear and I just faced it and survived! I didn't know I could do that."

These are just a few quotes from the young women in my group from last week. These women have struggled for years with anxiety, self-doubt, depression, and acting out in an attempt to avoid their fears. My girls tend to believe that they are helpless and less-than. A series of negative beliefs that have led them to stop living up to their ability and potential. While at Second Nature my girls are challenged to face their insecurity and fear head on. We do hard things out here to teach these girls that they CAN do hard things. They CAN have and manage emotions. They CAN make healthy relationships. Unfortunatley, these girls have believed in the dirtiest 4 letter word in the English language, C-A-N-T. I aim to give these girls opportunities that prove to themselves what they can accomplish and delete "CAN'T" from their vocabulary.

I am constantly inspired by the courage these girls possess as they walk into these challenges, growing, and sharing their deepest truth. It is a privilege to witness the start of their transformation.